Millers Foods Millrun products are made using the best ingredients and strictest quality control measures so you can be assured the products we produce are of a guaranteed quality

Millrun products from Millers Foods are valuable derivatives from the outer shell and other parts of the grain. During the milling process, the outer shell, along with other residual components, is carefully separated and processed to ensure quality and consistency.
Rich in essential nutrients, these by-products are perfect for animal feed and are highly sought after by farmers. Additionally, we offer a section of these by-products for human consumption, ensuring they meet stringent safety and quality standards.


Millrun – Stockfeed

Our mill produces high-quality Millrun like bran, pollard, and millmix which are rich in fibre, protein, and essential nutrients.

These by-products enhance the nutritional value of stock feed, supporting livestock health and productivity. Utilising our Millrun by-products in stock feed promotes sustainability by reducing waste and maximising grain use.

Millrun – Human Consumption

Our Millrun, rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals, enhances the nutritional value of many foods.

Bran, the outer layer of grains, is a popular ingredient in breakfast cereals and bakery products due to its high fibre content. Pollard, a nutrient-dense by-product of wheat milling, is added to baking and cereals to boost fibre, aid digestion, and support overall health with its high protein and essential nutrients. Flaky bran is often incorporated into cereals, granolas, and baked goods, providing a crunchy texture, and improving nutritional profiles.
Utilising these Millruns not only contributes to a more nutritious diet but also promotes a sustainable food supply by reducing waste and maximising the use of grain components.