Sourdough Pie crust

Flaky, rich, and delicious. Turn your favourite dessert into something your friends and family will rave about.



  1. Combine the flour, salt, and sugar in a large bowl. Rub in the butter using your fingers. The dough will eventually look like it has little pea shaped balls in it.
  2. Slowly pour the starter in, a little bit at a time, until it all comes together.
  3. Once dough just starts to comes together gather it up in the bowl into one round ball and cover it with some cling wrap. Leave it in a warm place for at least 6-8 hours to rest and culture.
  4. After the rest or when you are ready to use your pie crust, transfer it to a freezer or refrigerator. This is very important because having cold butter in the dough will help you to get a flaky pie crust.
  5. Once the crust is very cold you can remove it from the fridge, roll it out, and bake it into a pie with your favourite fillings.